and each client has arrived at the point of debt distress through different paths. Regardless of how you got there, Consumer First Legal Network LLC can and will help you redirect your path and begin to change your life. Imagine how it would feel to no longer have debt hanging over you and instead of struggling to get all of the monthly bills paid, you actually have surplus money at the end of the month. You’ll breathe and sleep easier. This is all possible with a sound monthly budget. We will help you deal with the creditors head-on instead of allowing them to have a hold on you.

We are a Law Firm that helps individuals and families who struggle with debt. Consumer First Legal Network is comprised of attorneys practicing in the areas of debt negotiation, bankruptcy, litigation support, credit repair, consumer protection, and related fields in over forty states. Our attorneys and representatives have been dealing with creditors and collection agencies for many years; we know how they operate and implement effective ways to deal with them.
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to carry excessive debt. Some of our clients come to us in the early stages of debt distress when they find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet because their earnings go to make minimum credit card payments, much of which is going toward the payment of interest. Other clients come to us when they are in more advanced stages of debt distress and are receiving collection calls at home and at work and unpleasant collection demand letters. They feel stress each time the telephone rings and dread going to the mailbox. Their credit score has dropped significantly, and some have even been sued by creditors. In all cases, this is no way to live.
When you call us, we will review your situation and ask you to share your hardship story with us. One of our greatest points of satisfaction is to know that people trust us enough to share their difficult and personal stories. It is our goal to listen and provide a clear course of action. We’ll talk about your creditors, how much you owe, how delinquent you are in making payments, discuss with you the goals that you would like to achieve, both immediately and long term, and put together a plan that provides options that will work for you.


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