Debt Negotiation:

  • Involves the negotiation of past-due credit accounts for less than the outstanding balance.
  • Is an opportunity to repay creditors on favorable terms and in a relatively short time.
  • Is an alternative to struggling with minimum payments to creditors for extended periods of time.
  • Can be an alternative to bankruptcy.
  • May allow a creditor to forgive a portion of the debt owed to settle the account now.
  • Is an opportunity for creditors to collect from consumers who might otherwise declare bankruptcy and avoid repayment of the outstanding balance.



Consumer First Legal Network Debt Negotiation – Why is it a good option?

  • Consumer First Legal Network settles debt at an average of 50% of the debt balance, saving you approximately half of what you owe to the creditors (your results may vary and you may pay substantially more).
  • Creditor harassment is minimized. Consumer First Legal Network can help to stop or reduce annoying collection calls.
  • Consumer First Legal Network can help you to get off of the debt merry-go-round and begin a life of saving rather than paying high-interest debt and monthly payments.


Debt negotiation is an effective tool to resolve delinquent unsecured debt. Our negotiators work with major creditors, banks, debt buyers, credit card issuers, third party collection agencies, and collection law firms. It is through our many years of experience that we understand the collection cycle and the way creditors operate. We use this knowledge along with the relationships and contacts that we have built to reach arrangements for repayment that satisfy both the creditor and you. We contact each creditor with a cease-and-desist letter and demand that they contact us rather than bothering you with collection efforts.

Each month, our negotiators watch your dedicated account balance, creditor’s action, and debt balances. We create a plan and then prioritize and target your debts. Many methods are used to determine the priority and order of settlement; no two creditors are the same and we often approach them differently and at different times. Through our experience, we’ve learned when to contact a creditor and when NOT to contact a creditor. There are also many “squeaky-wheel” creditors that must be handled in certain ways. We know what to say to them and when to say it. We understand which creditors tend to be more aggressive in their collection efforts and which have a loud bark but no bite.

The great news is that by allowing Consumer First Legal Network to work on your behalf, you do not have to know the science of dealing with creditors, collection agencies and law firms; this is our job, not yours. We enjoy it and do it very well!

In short, it is our job to resolve or settle your debt as quickly as possible and to get your debt balances lowered by as much as possible. Give us a call today so we can discuss your situation and learn what options may be best for you.

Please Note:

You will pay ZERO advance legal fees for our Debt Negotiation Program. We will not collect any money from you until we have delivered a positive result. We will negotiate with your creditors and bring you settlements that you may either approve or deny. We will have earned our pay only after you have accepted the settlement and after a payment has been made to the creditor. This means that you will have access to an experienced attorney in your state without having to pay an up-front retainer fee!